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Do You Live Here?
Sam Chermayeff Office, Julian Bieneck, Pia Matthes, Felix Barkow, Benedikt von Harder, June-14, AAS – Gonzalez HaaseJack Sommerville, Daniel Spivakov, Philipp Moritz, Mino, Reidar Mester
group show - curated by Mélanie Steen & Lina Sophie Stallmann
9 December 2022 - 28 February 2023

Imagine a space almost designed to be lived in - What do you picture first?

  • Chairs, a bed, lamps and a table?

  • What kind of art is on the wall?

  • What colour are the door handles?

  • Which books are on the shelves?

  • Where are the light switches?    

  • Which glasses are used to serve the champagne?


For the second group exhibition, Stallmann Galleries are pleased to present Do You Live Here? curated by Melanie Steen and Lina Sophie Stallmann. 


In the months to follow we invite you indoors to journey beyond your conventional concepts of living spaces. The gallery will transition into a domestic setting that invites conversations of proportion, play and familiarity. 


Furniture pieces by Sam Chermayeff Office, Julian Bieneck, Pia Matthes, June-14, Benedikt von Harder and AAS-Gonzalez Haase will converse with artworks by Daniel Spivakov, Jack Sommerville, Mino, Philipp Moritz and Felix Barkow.


Art enhances our domiciliary experience. It forms traditions, educates our subconscious and transcends the emotional potential of our everyday encounters. It belongs with you - beyond the white gallery walls. This exhibition is an attempt of stretching, bending, questioning and re-inventing the way art looks at furniture and furniture looks at art. It invites the viewer to find new proportions of living and viewing. 


Join us, peer through the looking glass and tumble down the rabbit hole, enter this unknown land. However, we must warn. stay long enough and you may start to wonder: Do You Live Here?


To dive deeper into the idea of the living room as a place that brings people together and makes life happening, we will be hosting several events over the course of the exhibition including readings, pyjama parties and gatherings by local artists and creatives.


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Valentine’s Movie Screening ♥️
doors open 7 pm
Charade - by Stanley Donen
romantic comedy mystery film
- limited seating - RSVP required -

Reading and Book launch
Drawings and Poems
by Felix Barkow
doors open 6 pm
- just come by -

Do You Live Here? Not anymore!
6 - 9 pm
- just come by -


Ohne Scham und falsche Verlegenheiten, by Gesine Borcherdt, Welt and Welt am Sonntag, January 2023

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