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A Phantasmagoria Kurse
Jonas Pequeno
Alexander MacKinnon

7 December 2
023 - 30 February 2024

Sarah’s Spectre

Jonas Pequeno, Alexander MacKinnon, Sarah’s Spectre, 2023, Mixed media, approx. 400 x 370 cm

« She stepped away from the door and it swung closed with a thud, removing his finger at the top knuckle where it had been gripping the door frame with  earnest pressure. Wanting to leave, and being embarrassed about having to ask for his finger tip back, he hesitated a long while at the door before resolving to leave it there. No mention was ever made of her having found part of his shorn finger in her doorway, but surely she must have had to deal with it somehow. »


words by Edward Campbell Quillon Kenny
In... picturesque-plegia (Chrome Castle).png

Jonas Pequeno, Alexander MacKinnon, In... picturesque-plegia (Chrome Castle), 2023, Video 09:14 minutes, loop

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