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Alongside the exhibtion A Phantasmagoria Kurse, 7 December 2023 - 30 February 2024, in Berlin, we are pulishing ten short stories by Franz Kafka, Lilli Martiny and Edward Campbell Quillon Kenny. 


The short stories give an inisght into the psychy of the show that includes an installation piece and a video work by Jonas Pequeno and Alexander MacKinnon. 


in A5 format, 52 pages, open edition


collaborative exhibition
A Phantasmagoria Kurse
by Jonas Pequeno, Alexander MacKinnon


Charlottenburg, Berlin 2023/24


Texts by Franz Kafka (in German), Lilli Martiny (in English) and Edward Campbell Quillon Kenny (in English)

© 2024 Stallmann


Ten short stories KAFKA MARTINY KENNY

15,00 €Price
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