You're Gonna Die - DANIEL SPIVAKOV

"You're Gonna Die" features the latest works of Daniel Spivakov

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

An unliteral show about death. And pain and Passion; absence and confrontation; pity and relief. Just as the abstracted images of massacres underlying the paint. Colour and gesture as a vehicle to experience; nothing new. And yet, very much so. Viewing as Empathy. Capture a moment of death, and truth. Death as a common ground from which to start. To wander through snowstorms and light, flowers and rain, deserts and air. Touching on the human figure: sweat and tears, footprints and fingertips. The History of Art, and Human Kind. To arrive at Love. “You’re gonna die Period Unless these paintings convince you otherwise.”

Contact Details

  • Schillerstraße 70, Berlin, Germany

    +44 (0) 7753914470