Exhibition - Rain that's all

"Rain that's all" features the latest works of Jack Sommerville

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

In presenting an array of Jack Sommerville’s latest work, Stallmann debuts its own vision and place within the art world. The title of the show «Rain, that’s all» directly links to Jack’s latest experience: On his way to look at his new studio in South of France, where he moved two months ago, he witnessed a period of continual cloudbursts: "there’s this feeling of absolution when you get hit with one [...] something pure, very, very uncomplicated, and very, very compelling about that happening, and I thought, ‘What better subject matter could I use?’ ” resulting in the production of this show’s centrepieces, the Big Rain Paintings. Jack’s work is about practice, one that impenetrably binds his artistic production with his life. Calm and focused, the paintings lean towards the figurative, a massive transition that embraces the purity of a singular subject through a resistance to pedantic intellectualism in dedication to humility. Those “still on the hyper-cold conceptual bandwagon,” upon entering Stallmann, “might just be charmed a little bit, and not know why.” Beholding Jack’s work— largely towering pieces—in the space, one is curiously humbled. “When they’re this big, then you’re little, in comparison. Children are little; the fact that everything’s big is important.” Jack’s new work possesses a timeless magnetism that emerges from its calculated moves giving way to innocent simplicity. In further justification of the scale of the Big Rain Paintings, Jack offers, very plainly: “Well, with these, you can stand under the rain.” Jack Sommerville (*1998) is a France based artist who was born in Haworth in West Yorkshire. After finishing is Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins, UAL, London, he moved his studio to Le Dorat, France.

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