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Flares In The Darkroom, group exhibition

The Who Gallery, London, UK, 2023


solo exhibition, Petrine, September 2023

Paris, France

Florence Carr


Born three years before the turn of the millenium, in the UK’s smallest historic country, Rutland, Florence Carr’s assemblages eke out a steady supply of pre-digital nostalgia. She repurposes everyday materials - with a particular fondness for parquet flooring and self-sourced Jacquard ribbon - into objects that reject their original purpose, unsettling the cultural codes embedded within them. 


Carr’s uses a strict geometry when building her work. The flooring slants side-by-side framing the peep-hole(s) which hold the ribbon. Forget-Me-Not or PG1 use titles as a mechanism to further suggest themes of surveillance, allowing the work to escape the confines of domestic artefact. 


After showing with Stallmann in June, she will have a solo show at Petrine in Paris in the coming months. 

© Lauren Maccabee
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